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The Golden Lion Cafe Flagler Beach
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Traditional French Onion Soup 6.50
Rich onion broth, topped with toasted french bread and melted provolone cheese.

Fresh Soup of the Day Cup-4.25 Crock-5.25

New!  Broiled Wasabi Oysters 9.50
6 fresh shucked oysters...with a ginger-soy glaze, wasabi aioli & fresh cilantro.

Gulf Fish Fingers 8.00
Golden fried white fish filet served with our own key lime tartar sauce.

Threes Company 12.50
Jumbo butterfly shrimp, Buffalo wings and gulf fish fingers. Served with cocktail sauce, blue cheese and key lime tartar for dipping.

Sharon’s Nachos 10.50
Spicy beef, jalapeno peppers, salsa, melted Cheddar and Jack cheeses, lettuce and sour cream.

Fresh Jumbo Chicken Wings 10 Wings - 10.00
Hot, medium, mild or BBQ sauce served with celery sticks & House Made blue cheese dressing.

Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp 9.75
6 hand breaded shrimp golden fried, served with cocktail sauce and lemon.

Coconut Butterfly Shrimp 10.25
6 hand breaded shrimp,coconut dipped. Served with pina colada sauce

Peel N Eat Shrimp 1/2 lb. - 10.00
Served chilled and with spicy cocktail sauce.

New!  Moules Frites 12.50
Steamed mussels in white wine, shallots fresh thyme & butter, garnished with blue cheese crumbles & served with French fries.

Chicken Tenders 9.25
Served with BBQ sauce or blue cheese dressing.

Smoked Fish & Shrimp Dip 7.50
With Captains Crackers, fresh lime wedges and hot sauce.

Blue Cheese Potato Chips 5.75
House baked with blue cheese aioli and sweet balsamic dressing.

Chips and Salsa 3.75
Tricolour tortilla chips and flavour filled house made salsa.

Fresh Jumbo Asparagus 5.95
New!  Crispy Chicken Thai Salad 14.00
Crispy Chicken with Romaine lettuce shredded cabbage, carrots, sweet red pepper, red onion, cilantro, cucumber, & Asian lime peanut dressing.

Avocado and Shrimp Salad 14.50
Ripe avocado & chilled shrimp tossed with crisp greens & grated Parmesan cheese. in a cilantro citrus vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad Side - 5.25 Large. Dinner Plate - 7.00
Romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan cheese, house made croutons & creamy Caesar dressing.

Golden Lion Salad 7.00
Chilled iceberg wedge, blue cheese, bacon crumble, cherry tomatoes & a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
With Chicken 13.00
With Chilled Shrimp 14.50
With Fresh Catch FIsh 17.00
With NY Strip Steak 18.00

Tacos, Wraps & Quesadillas

Fresh Catch Taco 14.00
Today's fresh catch, lettuce, shredded cheese, fresh lemon & Golden Lion Key Lime Tartar Sauce topped with coconut shrimp and served with tricolor tortilla chips

Fish Tacos 10.25
Blackened white fish filet, shredded cheese, lettuce, fresh lime & our own key lime tartar sauce served with tortilla chips and salsa We’re all about fish tacos!

Thai Fish Tacos 10.25
Sesame seasoned and grilled white fish filet, Thai chili purple slaw, Wasabi aioli and steamed yellow rice

New!  Pesto Grilled Shrimp Taco 14.00
Pesto marinated and grilled shrimp, baby spinach, fire roasted peppers with goat cheese and sweet balsamic reduction Served with garlic Parmesan French fries.